Pra Kring Emerald Buddha Amulet

Special Gammagarn Version of the Pra Kring Gaew Morakot Luang Phu Moon Tidtasilo Wat Ban Jan (Yorn Yuk Edition Emerald Buddha of LP Moon). A special ‘Pra Kring’ type Loi Ongk Statuette in Nuea Maha Chanuan Sacred Alchemical Alloy with Brass Base and Kring Bead rattle inserted, sealed with a Look Namo Slug with Sacred […]

Luang Ta Ruam Latest Buddhist Amulets

Buddhist Amulet Store is gearing up to begin to increase the choice of amulets for 2018 in a big way. This Month sees some new additions of Phra Ngang, Takrut and other Thai Occult amulets from Luang Ta Ruam of Wat Koke Samran, and to warm up with as we now begin to speed up […]

Lersi Dern Dong Yantra Cloth Ajarn Hnan Kong

Presenting a Giant Size 50 x 25 Inches Linen Yantra cloth for wall hanging, empowered with the Yant Pra Ruesi Por Gae Dern Dong in Bucha to the 108 great hermit forest wandering ascetics of the Deva Realms, and the ascended Masters, from Ajarn Hnan Kong Montr Lanna, of the Samnak Sak Yant Phu Yai […]

Hwaen Pra-Rahu Asura Deva Eclipse God Rings Wat Ballangk

presenting a highly wearable and protective Karma Improvement amulet which functions as well as a piece of jewellery as it does as a magical enforcer of good Fate and Destiny; The Hwaen Pra Rahu Hnuea Duang Asura Deva Eclipse God of Fate and Fortune, in the form of a magic ring to be worn for […]

Buddha Abhiseka with Luang Phu Khaeg Wat Pratat Panom

The Khiaw Paya Nacharach amulets are a special released blessed in a historic first time ritual with the simultaneous lighting of seven victory candles instead of one, to invite Seven Naga Kings of Bodhala to come and allow parts of their minds to dwell within the amulets of this series. These Khiaw Nakarach are forged […]

Buddhist Amulet are happy to announce the arrival of some early era amulets of extreme rarity and high power from the Great Kroo Ba Ben Udtamo of Wat Tanode, in Nakorn Rachasima. Amongst the batch we have diligently sought out for your appraisal are; Kumarn Tong Song Krueang amulets in various models and in different […]

Special Edition Takrut Sam Kasat Dtamrap Boran Wat Weluwan

The Takrut Sam Kasat Dtamrap Boran Wat Weluwan, is released through Pra Kroo Palad Winai Udtamo, Abbot of the temple of Wat Weluwan in Patum Thani. The Takrut Sam Kasat Boran is made using the ancient formulas from the Grimoires of Wat Weluwan. The Wicha uses the Sacred Yant Dork Mai Sawan for the empowerment, […]

Luang Phu Pha Wat Dueay Gai

Presenting a tiny but immensely powerful brazen metal amulet, the Hun Payont Phii Yaan Miniature Loi Ongk Statuette Golem Ghost Soldier, in Nuea Samrit Alchemical sacred Bronze Alloy, with painted red Jong Graben pants, and Khom Yantra spells embossed on the surface. This tiny but high-powered amulet is imbued with the ghost of a psychically […]

Luang Phu Waen Gaay Amulet Empowerment

Limited Edition Khmer Wicha small size ‘Ngu Hlueam Dtaay Praay’ Sorcerous Python spurs, blessed with Pure Gold Leaf, empowered with Incantations, and spellbound with Daay Daeng Akom Red Sorceror’s threads. A powerful Gambling and Wealth Amulet, using Ancient Khmer Necromantic Sorcery methods, by Thai-Khmer Border-Crossing Monk, Luang Phu Waen Gaay Pantasaro, of Wat Ampin (Kampuchea), […]