Kumarn Tong Mang Kang Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version Locket – Pra Ajarn Supasit Wat Bang Nam Chon.

This Kumarn Tong locket from Pra Ajarn Supasit of Wat Bang Nam Chon, invokes the powers of Blue Dragon Boy and Kintarō golden boy. This is a special Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version locket with valuable Muan Sarn Sacred Powders and inserts in the rear face of the locket. 

Each locket, is individually made to be unique, and therefore has differing items inserted in the rear face. Lockets, already encased in decorative gold plated casing, and sealed in waterproof acrylic.

No two lockets are the same on the rear face because of this, but each amulet has received the same amount of attention and empowerment, and the individual special empowerment either hand of Pra Ajarn Supasit, on each single amulet. In most cases were larger gemstones are inserted, one will find less place for insertion of Takrut spells, and, in the case were smaller gemstones are inserted,  then, the opposite will come into effect namely, more tiny gemstones and Takrut. It is of course obvious that the larger gemstones are more valuable when polished and cut, then the small gemstones. Pra Ajarn Supasit has hence used his own sense of balance and equal empowerment to distribute the sacred items inserted in the equal manner despite the fact that each individual amulet is distinct from its brother.

The rear faces of each locket are slightly different and can differ from the images seen, weather, each lock it is guaranteed to be as attractive and well-made as any other.

The same goes for the invocations of the spirit dwelling within the locket has also been individually empowered for individual spirit inhabitation locket per locket.

Kumarn Tong riding a carp

The imagery on the front face of the gold plating cased locket, playfully delves into two different myths; one from China (The legend of Wang Shuh), and the other from Japan (Kintarō golden boy). It is notable that in both of these mythical stories the Dragon is present and this is the reality of the magical elemental force which these myths represent and that is what is invoked, within these Amulets.

Golden Boy riding on the carp fish

The amulet is however of course empowered that only with the elemental forces which the image is used to depict in Chinese and Japanese mythology and mythological creatures, rather, is primarily involved with the Wicha Kumarn Tong using the original form of ancient necromancy from the Khom Era. 

Kumarn Tong locket Pra Ajarn Supasit

It is also invoked, with the magic which brings the attributed blessings and powers of the blue boy, who is actually an elemental spirit, who can take the form of a storm dragon, or can be seen as a blue, red, golden, or white skinned boy, riding on the back of a carp fish. 

Chinese lucky boy on carp fish This boy is mentioned in a legend of the herbalist Wang Shuh, Who was given the blessing of being shown where the secret magical red hair was so that he could heal a royal princess and receive in estimable rewards. What version of the story finishes work you get the princess as his bride. Another version states that he gets the job of the Royal Court physician of the Emperor, after the herbalists saves the Emperor’s daughter with the red her as medicine


Pra Ajarn Supasit is world famous for his amulets despite the fact that he only ever makes very few numbers of each type and edition, which would normally reduce the chances of becoming widely known.

But, because of the exquisite beauty, rarity, and quality of his amulets, as well as for the powerful effects, his name has come to be reverent in the homes of Buddhist devotees around the whole world.

Only an extremely small number of these special masterpiece lockets were made using some of the finest Muan Sarn Sacred Powders of Prai Kumarn bones, and other necromantic earth ashes and powders from the sumps of funeral Pyres, and Nam Man Prai oils. 

Earth from seven cemeteries, seven marketplaces, seven busy seaports, and seven giant termite mounds, were added.  But in the case of these special lockets an extreme high percentage of bone powders and an admixture of  Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed, were also added.

Depending on each particular locket, there are different items inserted (e.g. for wealth increase enchantment attraction and luck. Inserted items may differ from the ones seen in the pictures here but we guarantee the beauty and attractiveness to be equal with all lockets.

Kata Bucha Kumarn Tong Mang Kang (Wealthy Kumarn)

Om Na Jagaalang Om Kumaara Kumarn Tong Look Por Maa Reep Pochanaa Bpiyang Ma Ma

Use the above incantation when setting up offerings to the deity.  If you do not have time to set up for offerings on the deity’s altar, then you can call the deity in your mind to eat with you at the table, using the following heart mantra;

Su Si Mu Si Ga Ra Su Si

 How to worship Kumarn Tong

Pra Ajarn Supasit also released some very rare and finely carved small wooden Kumarn Tong statues in this same 2556 BE Special edition. 

Rear face of the locket different from amulets to amulet

His amulets are not only of the highest quality, highly popular and known for their authentic magical powers, but are also destined to increase in value at a considerably faster rate, with a high multiplication factor.  

 Pra Ajarn Supasit

We personally think that amulets should only be viewed in context of reverence, and appreciation of their beauty, but do understand that some people invest in precisely this kind of amulets because of their inevitable extreme rise in value and think of them as as a speculative investment. 

Kumarn Tong

Pra Ajarn Supasit’s amulets are highly targeted by such speculative investors, because of the certainty of the rising value, and the rapid rate at which they rise. This is of course, due to the rapidity of depletion of each series, with which they become immensely rare and hard to encounter.

Pra Ajarn Supasit has spent a whole Trimester (Traimas rainy season empowerment), two in bed all the magical powers of sorcery he can muster into these amulets, and to awaken them to live with the spirits of all the different Prai Kumarn Tong he could contact, and ask to assist in the invocation of Spirits, to dwell within the Inanimate forms of the Sacred Lockets.

Kuman Tong Full Ceremonial Method
Chant and make offerings every morning and evening, and chant the Nippana Sutra for Prai 7 times each session (always chant Kata to the Triple Gem 3 times before any other Kata Chanting).

Kata for calling the Kuman Spirit to come and be your companion

Jijeruni Jidt-Dtang Jae Dta Sigang Ruubpang Nippaanang Dtang Nippudting Pa Ta Na Ma Dtaecho Taadtu Tikang Waa A Sa Ja Pa Waa Dto Saen Dto Aegachaanang Barang Yadtawaa Aakajchaahi

Kata for invoking the Kuman to come to life and do jobs for you
Jijeruni Jidt-Dtang Jae Dta Sigang Ruubpang Nippaanang Dtang Nippudting Ma Pa Ta Na Bpathawii Taadtu Tikang Waa Pa Ga Sa Ja Waa Dto Saen Dto Bpas Saa Hattayang Siwang Chiwang Udt-Dtaedti

Kata for fending off or chasing away Kuman or Prai spirits
Jijeruni Jidt-Dtang Jae Dta Sigang Ruubpang Nippaanang Dtang Nippudting Na Ma Pa Ta Aabpo Taadtu Tikang Waa Ja Pa Ga Sa Waa Dto Saen Dto As Saa So Nippaanang Suunyang Kajchadti

Kata for telling the Prai (Kumqan Tong) to stay put in a place
Jijeruni Jidt-Dtang Jae Dta Sigang Ruubpang Nippaanang Dtang Nippudting Ta Na Ma Pa Waa Yo Taadtu Tikang Waa Sa Ja Pa Ga Waa Dto Saen Dto Puttaa Pantanaa Yagang Pan Tadt Dtawaa

Short Method
If you have little time and need a short way to do this, make offerings as usual with incense, rice whisky or fruits, savories and sweets, and use the following Kata for various purposes;

Heart Mantras of Nippanasut

Sa A Ni So (call to come to you).
So Sa A Ni (awaken and empower to send on missions).
Ni So Sa A (use to ward away spirits and ghosts).
A Ni So Sa (use to make the Kuman stay in one place).

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