Takrut Rak Sorn Repeating Love Spell for Multiple Lovers

Takrut Rak Sorn Repeating Love Spell for Multiple Lovers. The Takrut Mai Rak Sorn is a concentrically empowered magic spell for Maha Sanaeh power of attraction. A sacred powder filled Rak Sorn sacred wooden hollow branch, wrapped with a metallic Yantra Foil scroll with Sacred Inscriptions, wrapped with Enchanted Daay Jet See rainbow cords.

The Takrut Foil bears an ancient Yantra spell, used by the people of Siam since centuries. The spell has Maha Sanaeh attraction power imbued that is specifically targeted at seduction, with the power of attraction, that is legendary with the Wicha Rak Sorn.

Luang Ta Ruam has filled the hand inscribed Takrut scroll spell with Prai Maha Sanaeh Powders, containing Maha Sanaeh and other Powdered Admixtures of a Magickal Nature, to empower the spell with additional power of attraction and seductive influence. The enchantment is intended to make your chosen person feel attracted to you, and either approach you, or to be open to your approaches.