Kata For Thai Amulets

Prayer Bucha Items for Thai Amulets

Universal Kata for Praying to Thai Buddhist Amulets


Puttang Aaraatanaanang (I Beseech the Buddha)

Tammang Aaraatanaanang (I Beseech the Dhamma)

Sangkang Aaraatanaanang (I Beseech the Sangha)

Make your prayers and wishes and chant;

Puttang Prasittimae (May the Buddha Bestow Me with these Blessings)

Tammang Prasittimae (May the Dhamma Bestow Me with these Blessings)

Sangkang Prasittimae (May the Sangha bestow Me with these Blessings)

Chant this Kata 3 times whenever you are about to place the chain over your head or put on the amulets, and also when you take them off.

The Kata calls upon the power of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha to be with you and protect and Guide you.

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