Khun Phaen Encircled by Seven Ladies in Love

Khun Phaen Jet Nang Rum Rak means ‘€˜Khun Phaen Encircled by Seven Ladies in Love’€™; it is very powerful khun phaen amulet which has a lot of puttakun qualities and metta maha sanaeh magical effects.

The ‘Pim Yai 10 Takrut’ version comes in a size of 6 cm x 3.7 cm x 0.7 cm, and features ten takrut, and an in koo mahasanaeh plod rak image on the rear side of the amulet, which is to bind the two hearts of a couple deeply, or to reinforce the love between them. This is due to the wicha ‘pit sawat’ which causes both lovers to become inextricably entwined. And lastly, there is also the code on the base of the amulet.

The in koo pisamorn, sometimes also called taep pmohr bachadta, has a strong mahasanaeh powers with aphrodesiac effects. The mahasanaeh aspects also bring the wearer of this amulet a lot of attraction, which often lead to flirtations, or may even result in ‘kama sutra‘ adventures. Although finding a partner is the main purpose of this amulet, but in case one already has a partner, then it will help to increase their relationship.

Besides the mahasanaeh effects, mercy (mahaniyom) is also obviously present within this amulet. These particular magical powers are very good for commerce, for making sales will become easier. This is due to the fact that one’s speech with charm, which is especially good for doing business. Thus, in general one will see a fast increase in his or her prosperity.

If we take a close look at the contents of sacred ingredients (muan sarn), we can find nine sacred powders, namely: (1) pong wankhun phaen; (2) pong wan putsa; (3) pong salika ling tong; (4) pong nang ok dtaek; (5) pong meu wan dton dtamlueang; (6) pong mai gai gug; (7) pong yord sawat chedi yord; (8) pong mai wua laem kork; and (9) pong wan kruea taow long. These nine powders were then mixed into one sacred powder called ‘€˜pong paya tae kroo gao aathan€’ (9 aathan€™, meaning ‘nine sorcery powders’). The pong paya tae kroo gao aathan was then consecrated for seven nights, and pressed into the shape of the khun phaen amulet.

After the making process of the khun phaen amulets was finished they were empowered in a abhiseka consecration ritual through chanting the ‘€˜Montr Kata Maha Leloi Pra Khun Phaen‘€™ mantra. Then series of different incantations followed which are known to increase business and commerce, and also choke lap (lucky fortunes). Next, there followed meditative empowerments for a long time until all the amulets received sufficient power. And as a final empowerment, the amulets were soaked in nam man montra paya tae kroo oil to charge up the puttakun powers (especially the metta mahasanaeh and metta mahaniyom effects). 


Na puttang taep ran chuen guong jit na tammang taep ran chuan jit na jangang mo changang, put long lai orn rutoi bai tang gayaa ta taow payaa sanaeh haa rak krai ya ying sao gae mae mai goma rong hai long lai god rat mat sawat tit hen naa guu nang ning yoo mai dai rong hai maha goo ehi puttang ehi tammang ehi sangkang puttang rak jon dtaai tammang ya klaai sangkang tamma na sang si mo sang si mo na si mo na sang mo na sang si sappa metta sappa karuna sappa sanaeh ha prat sitti mae.

Khun Phaen Encircled by Seven Ladies in Love

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