luang por simplii

Guru Monk Pha Yant, made from thick linoleum type material with a photograph of Luang Por Simplii of Wat Tham Wua Daeng, and hand inscriptions from Luang Por around the borders, Blesssed by the hand of Luang Por Simplii himself with Metta, and empowered in Putta Pisek (Buddha Abhiseka) Ceremony at Wat Tham Wua Daeng.

The Image is about DIN A4 size and can be framed and hung on the wall in your shop, home or place of worship/ altar room.

Despite his old age, he moves and talks like a 50 year old and seems to be without any wear and tear since over 40 years. Luang Phu is a true Kammathana Forest tradition Master of Vipassana, who was ordained by the Great Luang Phu Man Puritadto (LP Mun) himself, and was instructed and trained in Magical Wicha by the Legendary Luang Phu Taep Loke Udorn. Few Masters can reflect such an amazing trajectory these days, and few can display such easily visible miraculous traits of meritorious practice. One of the last remaining direct Looksit of Luang Phu Man, and one of the last remaining Masters of the previous Generation of Guru Monks to remain with us.

Through our Investigations, we have found, a simple monk who with himself and his entourage of magical guru masters who befriended and practice together in the forest and mountains monasteries, Is a monk who is not advertising himself or his powers, but is making some powerful amulets that are not even getting heard of by the general public. much less by those who need them most, in other countries which are not Buddhist, and where places to practise are scarce.

Luang Por Simplii

Each Yant is numbered by hand (bottom right corner), and has purple ink stamp of the temple.

Buddhists and believers in Magick in those countries, are those who need and  seek such items. Unfortunately these amulets and this particular lineage/school of magicians, & The magic amulets of the Adept Sorceror Monks of Wat Tham Wua Daeng, led by Luang Por Simplii , Would never reach foreign shores, unless we had thought of this & made some efforts to obtain these Amulets. All amulets are said to be guaranteed by the temple to be effective, which is a claim that few temples and Masters make officially.

This is because of the simplicity, and the non-commercial mind of the monk from whom they come.

Between himself and what has now come to be known with the few who know about this story,  as tha ‘Samnak Wat Tham Wua Daeng’, It seems to be one of the most recommendable,  and truly magical sources of powerful amulets in this day and age and what We are Happy to have found this Master, and be able to obtain amulets from him. We have little doubt in our mind about the idea of distributing these amulets, for Our proprietor, Ajarn Spencer, has tested various of them for Himself, and found them all to be very effective

The Sacred cave Temple of Tham Wua Daeng (cave of the Red Cow), is known as a pure place of dedicated practice where true Dhamma and Practice methods are applied, and where serious practitioners go for developing their practice. The Holy Cave has been the scene of people witnessing apparitions of the great Arahant ‘Luang Phu Taep Loke Udorn’

It is told that in the year 2539 BE, a large number of Bhikkhus who were practicing in the cave disappeared without a trace. One monk who did not disappear, said that the cave appeared to have a watery curtain in front of the entrance, and lead somewhere else. Ruesi Hermits are said to have visited the cave to practice, and met a vision of a mysterious monk who gave them a Kata Incantation. When they chanted it, the mouth of the cave would appear in front of them from nowhere. The cave can appear in different locations.

It is a very long climb to the cave which is hidden in the deep forest on the mountain, and the cave is very deep and full of mysterious things. Sometimes Laypeople are allowed to go up with the Monks to practice and make Bucha.

We know that people in Other countries need help to boost their faith and protect them in the daily ordeals of living in a country without the Buddhist temples, and the Buddhist Master Kroo Ba Ajarn to assist Whenever one needs help to live in Thailand means to be able to find a guru and the teacher within half an hour, & be able to receive teachings and advice and instant inspiration era temples and shrines and every corner, reminding how one should practice .

But to live in the West Or countries without Buddhism, is very difficult to keep all things in mind. Many people who come to Thailand to practice and then returned back to their country feel depressed, as they feel their minds slipping out of the habits, from the daily reverence, & daily practice, which, when living in Thailand. is obvious, and comes to mind throughout the day because one is surrounded by Buddhism.

Pha Yant Luang Por Simplii Guru Master of Samnak Wat Tham Wua Daeng 2556 BE
$44.99 U.S.

Buddhism is in your face wherever you go throughout the day and night in Thailand this is a great help so we feel that these powerful amulets will assist those in far shores, to be able to maintain that practice. Maintaining the practice well is the best way of protecting oneself even above Amulets.

So sometimes, when not blessed with a Buddhist Environment around you,  sometimes an amulet can help to give us enough space for one to come down I’m to find the way and have time to think straight, and be protected enough to maintain their practice and to prosper, without any serious Hindrances.

We are now in the process of adding the following (and more!) of Luang Phu Simplii’s amulets for 2556 BE to the store;