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Buddhist Amulet Store for the Finest Thai Buddhist Amulets of the Modern Era for the esteemed amulet collector and devotee of amulets. Buddhist Amulets provides authentic blessed amulets from Thailand’s Greatest Buddhist Monks and Lay Masters.

Buddhist Amulet. Buddhist Amulet Store is now merged with its sister-store from thailandamulet.net, and all amulets from this store are now being added to the already massive selection in the sister-store – Our philosophy of provision of choice of Thai amulets and masters, chooses the best and most powerful, and Sacred Thai Buddhist amulets, Carefully selected for their Spiritual Value, Power, and Collectibility, Thai Buddhist Amulet takes pride in providing only Authentic Sacred Thai Buddhist Amulets – no Fake or unblessed amulets are sold. Apart from Classic Thai Authentically Blessed Sacred Buddhist Amulets, we also provide a large range of other Occult and Magic Charms, Lay Master Amulets, Prai Oils and Magical Potions, Takrut scrolls (Tankai), Buddhist Peripherals and Accessories, such as Buddhist Sangha Offerings, Buddhist Rosaries and Prayer Beads, Lek Lai, and other Sacred Items. All amulets now pass through this one store interface, for a unified experience, and a wider choice.

Buddhist Amulet – Classic Buddhist amulets from Classic Thai Buddhist Temples of National Repute, as well as seeking out lesser known Buddhist Masters, whose practice and powers, and Buddhist Charms and Amulets, are worthy of respect, but who have not sought attention or fame. © Buddhist Amulets of the Thai Buddhist Masters

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Kumarn Tong

Kumarn Tong Pra Ajarn Supasit

Kumarn Tong hand carved from sacred tree wood by Pra Ajarn Supasit of Wat Bang Nam Chon

Buddhist Amulet

Buddhist Amulet App for Android Released

Buddhist Amulet in Google Play Buddhist Amulet has now released its first app for android platform which is now available for free download in the Google play store. The app...

Audiocast of Luang Por Simplii Biography

The biography of Luang Por Simplii, great 117 year old monk of the Samnak Saiyasart Wat Tham Wua Daeng, who was ordained by the great Luang Phu Mun himself, has...

luang por simplii

Pha Yant Luang Por Simplii Guru Master & Wat Tham Wua Daeng 2556 BE amulets

Guru Monk Pha Yant, made from thick linoleum type material with a photograph of Luang Por Simplii of Wat Tham Wua Daeng, and hand inscriptions from Luang Por around the...

Pra Rahu Galai Ngern in Gold Micron Waterproof Casing - Wat Bang Khan

Pra Rahu Galai Ngern in Gold Micron Waterproof Casing – Wat Bang Khan

This Pra Rahu amulet of Wat Bang Khan is made from a silver-leaden alloy known as ‘galai ngern’, and is encased in a beautiful gold micron waterproof casing. The Pra...

Kuman Tong Yord Paetch Amulet by Luang Por Ta Analayo of Wat Pha Kong Kam Chee

Kuman Tong Yord Paetch Amulet by Luang Por Ta Analayo of Wat Pha Kong Kam Chee

The Kuman Tong Yord Paetch amulet made by Luang Por Ta Analayo represents a golden boy holding a diamond in his hands. Approximately three years prior to the making of...

The takrut is covered in a coating of black lacquer for increased durability. The spell within the magic scroll also contains sacred herbal resin mixture

Takrut Phii Loeng Dtaek Necromantic Spell for Seduction and Gambling – Luang Ta Liang

The broken coffin ghost dark arts takrut spell is necromantically empowered maha sanaeh Khmer sorcery at its most powerful. It is packed in a small silver scroll containing a magic...

Luang Por Suang has created this edition of special coin amulets in sacred solid silver with a luxurious glaze of 'Ya Rachawadee' enamels.

Rian Gai Fa Pim Yai Ongk Kroo – Solid Silver with Blue and Green Rachawadee Enamels – Luang Por Suang 80th Anniversary Edition

Luang Por Suang’s cockerel amulets have become not only legendary and a tradition of his amulet making wicha, it is also traditional and meritorious of Luang Por Suang, that he uses...

Nam Man Mae Bper Oil – Luang Por Somkuan

Nam Man Mae Bper is a metta oil with strong maha sanaeh powers for attraction, released in 2555 BE along with Luang Por Somkuan’s Khun Phaen Mae Bper Prai Kumarn...

Special Edition of Sacred Herbal Pra Somdej & Nang Paya Amulets containing Pratat Buddha Relics, Lek Lai Fragments, and Ancient Chedi Powders - Blessed by Kroo Ba Beng of Wat Tanode Luang

Special Edition of Sacred Herbal Pra Somdej & Nang Paya Amulets containing Pratat Buddha Relics, Lek Lai Fragments, and Ancient Chedi Powders

Special edition of sacred herbal Pra Somdej and Pra Nang Paya amulets containing pratat Buddha relics, lek lai fragments, and ancient chedi powders. The edition is made and blessed by...

Kwan Yin Long Life High quality low smoke Sandalwood Incense - 999 Brand - 800 Grams 13 Inches long

Kwan Yin Sandalwood Incense

This luxury quality incense has a very rich aroma of Sandalwood. The incense sticks are slim, and emit low smoke while they burn for a long time. This makes this...

An extremely rare design to find anywhere at al, which makes this particular Yantra cloth a highy collectible item as well as a rare magical wicha to posses within one's armory.

Pha Yant Hmor Maha Wised (Dtamrap Gammathan) – Somdej Pra Maha Wirawongs

This pha yant is made by Pra Maha Wirawongs, using the wicha given to him by Ajarn Singh, who is the creator of this sacred yantra. It is an extremely...

The Look Om Sawat Dtab Dtam Mae Bper Prai Kumarn is made from pong prai kumarn powders and pong wan maha sanaeh herbs mixed with nam man prai and various other types of prai oils.

Look Sawat Dtab Dtam Mae Bper Prai Kumarn (Powerful Prai Powder Ball) – Luang Por Somkuan

Luang Por Somkuan’s Look Om Sawat Dtab Dtam Mae Bper Prai Kumarn powder ball is becoming very famous with his looksit since various people have made reports of high success...

This amulet is very much a gamblers favorite, and an all round powerful amulet for those who worship or follow the Lersi path.

Locket Lersi Phu Prot Saming Prai Romantic Seduction Charm – Ajarn Prot Karawaas Jom Akom

Locket Lersi Phu Prot Saming Prai made by lay master Ajarn Prot, who is currently receiving very high favor in Thailand for his effective and powerful amulets. The amulet is...

Special Edition Petrified Wood Pra Somdej Amulets Blessed by Kroo Ba Beng of Wat Tanode Luang.

Pra Somdej Paya Ngiw Dam Lan Pi (Carved from a Millions Year Old Petrified Holy Wood) – Samnak Songk Phu Taep Thawara Nimit

Special edition of petrified wood Pra Somdej amulets blessed by Kroo Ba Beng of Wat Tanode Luang. These utterly amazing Pra Somdej and Pra Nang Paya series of sacred Buddhist...

Classic coin amulet, featuring the image of Luang Por Tuad with a sacred yant and 4 images of the great Jao Pako Samee Ram Pra Luang Por Tuad guarding the 4 directions.

Rian Pra Luang Por Tuad Dern Dong – Sompochana Edition – Wat Mae Takrai

Top of the range rian amulet of the Sompochana edition Luang Por Tuad monk coins. The ongk kroo top model in this series features a solid silver coin with a 24...