Luang Phu Khaw Haeng

A most Inimitable Amulet from Luang Phu Khaw Haeng, the Duang Ta Pra Arahant Song Sap Buddha Eye Gazing at Treasures – Pim Nam Reuks (First press) Badtiharn Yim Rap Sap edition amulet 2559 BE – Buddha Eye in Pyramid Stupa. This model in below image is the Ongk Kroo Pim B Top of Range (Pim A is second in the range, as the series does not follow alphabetical orders), in Nuea Nam Reuks Masterclass Muan Sarn Sacred Powders, with solid silver plate affixed to front face, and 5 Takrut scrolls inserted.

Duang Ta Arahant Eye in Pyramid Amulet

Six kinds of Duang Ta Arahant Enlightened Eye in Pyramid amulet (Arahant’s Eye), were made in the following versions;

1. Pim Nam Reuks Pid Tong Tae Takrut Ha Dork (Masterclass Powder Concentrate with 24K gold leaf, 3 Takrut in base and 2 Takrut in rear face – 122 made.

Duang Ta Arahant Pim Nam Reuks Gammagarn 5 Takrut

Duang Ta Arahant Pim Nam Reuks Gammagarn 5 Takrut

Rear face Duang Ta Arahant Pim Nam Reuks Gammagarn 5 Takrutm

Rear face Duang Ta Arahant Pim Nam Reuks Gammagarn 5 Takrut

2. Pim Nam Reuks Hnaa Gaag Ngern Dtem Takrut Ha Dork – (Masterclass Powder Concentrate with Solid Silver plate front face, three Takrut in base and two Takrut in rear face – 122 made.

Pim Nam Reuks Hnaa Gaag Ngern

Duang Ta Pra Arahant Song Sap Pim Nam Reuks Hnaa Gaag Ngern

3. Pim Nam Reuks Hnaa Gaag Tong Tip Takrut Sam Dork – (Masterclass Powder Concentrate with Solid Silver plate front face, and 3 Takrut – 622 made.

4. Pim Gammagarn Paint See Fang Takrut sam Dork – Onkg Kroo Masterpiece model with coloured hand painted front face and three Takrut – 622 made.

5. Pim Gammagarn Bad Tong Fang Takrut Sam Dork – Ongk Kroo Masterpiece model with gold spray and 3 Takrut – 1,122 made.

6 . Pim Tammada Takrut Koo – Standard Ongk Kroo model in Rich Herbal Powders with two Takrut – 2,999 made.

Muan Sarn Mixture for Sacred Gammagarn Powders;

Wan Prai, Wan Chana Marn (Demon Slayer herb), Wan Gambpang, Wan Gong Jak (Chakra Disk herb), Wan Dab Narai (Vishnu’s sword herb), Wan Dab Hlong (Lovelost Sword herb), Wan Toranisarn (Earth Elemental herb), Wan Maha Bpraab (Great Subduer herb), Wan Maha Kala (Great Wheel of Time herb), Wan Maha Jakkapat (Great Empire herb), Wan Morakot (Emerald Gem herb), Wan Naresuan (Naresuan Conqueror King herb), Wan Nok Kum (Jataka Partridge Fireproof herb), Wat Torahod (Compendium of rare unnamed magical herbs), Wan Paetchalugan (Visavakama Engineer Hermit God herb) Wat Hanuman, Wan Paetch Glab (Reverse Diamond herb), Wan Kwak Maha Choke (luck beckoner herb), Wan Kwak Gorp Sap (Treasure Embracer herb), and Wan Maha Sethee (Millionaire herb).

Luang Phu Khaw Haeng took all of these powders and ground them together with his Pong Wised (g kinds of special yantra Powders),, and has added Sacred Relics, Kaya Siddhi Elemental substances and other Powerful Elements within the Muan Sarn Sacred Powders, for a vast compendium of powerful Magical Effects, Metta Maha Niyom, Maha Lap, Gae Aathan, Kong Grapan Chadtri Klaew Klaad, Serm Duang Serm Yos,Kaa Khaay, Siang Choke, Jerajaa, Maha Sanaeh;

5 Types of Pong Wised;

1. Pong Bpathamang for Kong Grapan Chadtri Iinvincibilty, Lap Yos Status Promotion, and Jang-Ngang Stunner Magic.

2. Pong Puttakun, which is highly renowned for its ability to defend against Demons and Evil Energies from the Spirit Realms, and also exudes Metta Maha Niyom and Maha Amnaj.

3. Pong Trinisinghae, for Maha Amnaj Gae Aathan Commanding Power over the Demons and Spirits, to scare away Evil Forces and the Minions of the Realms of the Underworlds and Nether Regions.

4. Pong Ittijae powders, for Maha Lap to Increase Luck, Serm Yos to Increase Status, Siang Choke for Lucky Windfalls and Close Escapes, Kaa Khaay for Prosperous Business Ventures, and Kong Grapan Chadtri Gae Aathan, to Protect against Physical and Magical dangers.

5. Pong Maharach for Powerful Maha Sanaeh, Metta Maha Niyom Mercy Charm, and Kaa Khaay Business Increase Magic.

Luang Phu Khaw Haeng then inserted Pra Lohidta Datu Arahant’s Blood Relics into the Muan Sarn Sacred Powders , and performed a ritual prayer to invoke the blood of the Arahants as the life and consciousness of the Duang Ta Arahant’s third eye amulets, and that the Blood of the Arahants retains its Power to Perform Miracles of Providence, Protecting the Devotees and Leading them to Prosperity, Happiness Guiding Light, and Guardianship.

Some new arrivals are coming in to store this month, four of which are already added and a lot more to come. So we thought we would bring you a preview on the blog news section to whet your appetites with what’s still to come, as we step up the growth of Buddhist Amulet store to increase the choice of amulets for you.

New Amulets Already in Store;

Some new Nam Man Prai Oils are being added, with one kind already added to store in lare and small size bottles, the Nam Man Prai Taep Ranjuan Takrut Mont Sanaeh Khun Phaen, by Luang Phu Khaw Haeng, of Wat Dtaban Satatam.

Nam Man Prai Taep Ranjuan Mont Pra Khun Phaen Luang Phu Khaw Haeng

You can expect a lot more additions this month of high calibre powerful amulets to grace the storefront for your perusal, including the following items; A new series of special amulets from Luang Phu Khaw Haeng, spearheaded by the Duang Ta Arahant (Arahant’s Eye) amulets, some  Choo Chok in Green Prai Oil Serum from Kroo Ba Jao Bun Lerd. Dueay Ngu Hlueam Python Spur from Luang Phu Waen Gaay,  Hun Payont Phii Yaan golems from Luang Phu Pha, of Wat Dueay Gai. Some Hoeng Prai Pra Ngang Magic Candles with Nam Man Prai Phials for Ritual Spells, from Pra Ajarn Aek. Some See Pheung from Luang Por Aditaep. Sastrawut Grich Ritual Knives with Himapant Animals, See Pheung Taep Ranjuan Pra Khun Phaen, and a host of other amazing amulets – coming to store this month.