Nam Man Prai Taep Ranjuan

Nam Man Taep Ranjuan Sacred is a potent red Prai Oil, and a powerful Enchantment and Wealth Attraction Potion, from Luang Ta Ruam, the Great Sorceror Monk of Wat Koke Samran, in Petchaboon.

The Nam Man Taep Ranjuan is a Prai Oil Potion with Invocations of the Celestial Realms of the Fairy and Sylph Realms of the Plant Kingdom. One Takrut Maha Sanaeh is immersed along with the Holy Woods in the Red Cockerel Oil.

Nam Man Prai Taep Ranjuan

Its basis of power relies on the use of Sacred Woods and Herbs from Enchanted Forest Groves, boiled in a Sacred Cauldron Inscribed with Yantra Spells, and Imbued with the Powerful Red Paya Wan Gai Daeng (Red Cockerel Herb).

The resulting potion which was boiled over a Sacred Fire was enchanted using Magical Wooden Tinder, with Prai Oils, Woods, Herbs, and Magical Beeswax. The Oil was then further empowered, with the Summoning and Binding of the Taep Ramjuan Dancing Deva, to Dwell within the Prai Oil Potion and emanate Maha Sanaeh Metta Maha Niyom Seductive Influence and mercy Charm.

The potion forms an Aura of likeability around the Devotee, attracting, seducing and convincing those who approach to lean in your favour, buy your wares, hire your services, bestow you with gifts, or be otherwise helpful towards you.

Luang Ta Ruam Gives the Following Kata to use to to Awaken the Deva and Call Wealth to You.

Kata Bucha Nam Man Taep Ramjuan

Puttō Jab Jidt Tammō Jab Jai Sangkō Rak Krai

Mai Hen Hnaa Gū Ton Yū Midai Ākajchāya Ākajchāhi

Use the Kata given by Luang Ta Ruam, to chant often (can do silently within your mind if in Public), and empower the Potion when preparing to use the enchantment.

How to Use

Many people feel the attraction and see the ease of use that Metta Maha Sanaeh Prai Oils, Balms and Powders bring, but do not really know how they can put the oils and balms to applied use for the right purposes.

The below section explains a little about the general techniques normally applied when using Metta Oils and Prai Oils.

  • Smear a little between the eyebrows for Metta before starting work or going gambling, socializing etc.
  • Men should circle their left finger clockwise, and Women should use the right hand and circle the finger anti-clockwise
  • Use the forefinger to smear with almost all Metta and Maha Sanaeh Oils and Balm Potions, for General Metta Blessing, use the ring finger for Selling and Gambling
  • Use the middle finger to smear the oil if you wish to be attracting the opposite sex.

  • For Gambling; If an Oil is given for For Gambling Purposes, simply tap the See Pheung, Metta Oil or Prai Oil with your finger and make a wish before leaving the house. You can rub the balm into your skin of your gambling hand then, if your finger has some balm on it after tapping. Use only a tiny amount of balm is enough.
  • For ‘Jerajaa’ (business discussions, job interview etc), smear the balm onto your forehead and make your wish.
  • For Maha Sanaeh attraction, smear the balm under your chin, and ear lobes, and make your wish.
  • For Kaa Khaay (Selling Wares) – smear a little on your wares or the table where you sell them before each day begins and chant the Kata given.
  • For Mad Jidt Mad Jai (Enchant the heart and mind of another); smear or dab a tiny bit on the person and then perform the chanting of the Incantations given for the Oil, and focus on the person coming to you as your wish.
  • Use the thumb to smear around the outside of lips, if you wish to seduce someone of higher status or with high ranking, or profession.
  • Use the forefinger to smear around the outside of lips, when seducing your own age group or equals in social status, as well as your own employees.
  • Use the middle finger to smear around the outside of lips, if you wish to seduce somebody older than you, or a widow or divorcee.
  • Use the ring finger to smear around the outside of lips, when seducing very attractive handsome people.
  • Use the little finger, to smear around the outside of lips, to seduce younger people


This extremely precious and beautiful enchanted Sea Pearl, is empowered by the great Pra Ajarn Supasit, of Wat Bang Nam Chon temple. It is not only are highly empowered Maha Pokasap, and Metta Mahaniyom Maha Lap amulet, it is also a pearl of wisdom with the power of ‘Panya Wai’ (fast intellect).

Pra Ajarn Supasit has produced these extremely pristine, & beautifully designed, exquisitely finely crafted amulets. He has particularly intended them to be an attractive option for ladies who wish to wear amulets but are very orientated towards fashion and two delicate artisanry. 

Apart from being a powerful amulet this is evidently and visually obviously, a piece of fine precious jewellery in addition to its magical power.

In chanted pearl of wisdom and well by Pra Ajarn Supasit Wat Bang Nam Chon

These are some of the most finely crafted amulets we have seen that are indistinguishable from some of the finest jewellery from the worlds finest fashion designers. This does not mean however, that there is no power in them, or, that they are not amulets. 

These specially empowered precious natural sources of magic, are full of Maha Lap and Maha Pokasap power, as is the case with ‘Ploi Sek’ empowered gemstones, for the same reasons. 

Coming from the sea, or the ocean, better said, the enchanted pearls, have a very powerful, but subtle manner of enchantment, meant like the lulling sound of the waves of a being of the tide which slowly lapse away at your destined friends and lovers. are so well disguised, that they pass as a piece of beautiful jewellery and are therefore a very attractive and advisable option for ladies who wish to wear and use sacred Thai Buddhist amulets to improve their lives with Buddha Magic.

I did pearl of wealth and wisdom by Master Monk Pra Ajarn Supasit

Pra Ajarn Supasit, of Wat Bang Nam Chon, is one of Thailand’s most popular high-end amulet makers for his very small number of additions and high-quality amulets. 

This is not the only factor which is made is amulets so collected and so rare. The high-quality dictates the elevated price of his extremely fine quality amulets, which use high class ingredients, and precious items, which can have the power to bring wealth wisdom and even seduction. 

Below; A most beautiful and exquisite piece of jewelry, hides a very powerful Maha Pokasap  amulet, concealed beneath its beautiful surface

Are most beautiful and exquisite piece of jewellery hides a very powerful amulet concealed beneath its beautiful surface

A high-quality precious polished pearl of this type, of high purity and beauty, with a very finely handcrafted solid silver brace, is a class A amulet. This is the kind of luxury amulet of a price that it is of course higher than average amulets, and is self explanatory. 

Those factors are in addition to his reputedly adept powers and purity of practice, which empowers his incantations, with the support of the Devas, the angelic intelligences, and the Buddhas themselves.

 Pearl of wisdom

 Below; the great master, Pra Ajarn Supasit, of Wat Bang Nam Chon.Pra Ajarn Supasit Wat Bang Nam Chon

Apart from being an awesome pearl, this amulet has sacred ingredients hidden within it such as ‘Pong Bpatamang Lokee, and, a special Takrut spell inscribed upon a silver Yantra foil. Pra Ajarn Supasit likes to call the Pearl ‘Dork Jampa Pin’, which means a certain kind of flower,as a badge. The Dork Jampi, is a flower which is often used in offerings to the Buddha. 

Magnolia flowerIt is considered to be a very powerful Maha Sanaeh magical charm, because of its special herbal and pheromonic properties as well as certain invisible magical qualities which are believed to be attributed to this flower. There is a particular form of adept sorcery, called ‘Wicha Dork Jampi’, which uses the form, and image of this flower to make an amulet. This ocean pearl, possesses precisely the same shape as the dork Jampi flower, and has been empowered with invocations and incantations of this particular Wicha.

Kata Bucha

Putta Jidtang, Tamma Jidtang, Sangka Jidtang

Sinaehaa Sinaehaa, Rak Kaapa Jao Bpiyang Mama

The takrut is covered in a coating of black lacquer for increased durability. The spell within the magic scroll also contains sacred herbal resin mixture

The broken coffin ghost dark arts takrut spell is necromantically empowered maha sanaeh Khmer sorcery at its most powerful. It is packed in a small silver scroll containing a magic spell which has been in popular use since the times of the Khmer Empire, before Buddhism even arrived, and Brahman ritual was still the mainstream.

During the performance of the nine day ritual, the takrut were kept placed inside the coffin of a prai ghost, until the incantations of the kata Hua Jai Nang Dtaay Tang Glom (incantation of the mother who died with child’) made the coffin begin to shake.

This is not Thai but indeed an ancient Khmer sorcery, which has been known for its extremely powerful power of attraction and ability to convince (even the ghosts of the gambling tables), and to increase successful commerce. This wicha is one for which Luang Ta Liang holds legendary status.

The takrut is covered in a coating of black lacquer for increased durability. The spell within the magic scroll also contains sacred herbal resin mixture, which serve to increase its power not only magically, but also biologically upon the pheromones of those in the vicinity.

The broken coffin ghost spell was not then released, but was kept for a further two years to receive constant incantations. One interesting point about the making of this amulet, is the fact that one of the apprentices of the great and legendary monk Luang Phu Suang was present to perform empowerments upon this amulet, too.

The takrut is made from coffin nails smelted into yantra foils, and is stuffed with a piece of Dork Rak flower and See Pheung Bpaag Phii (‘ghost mouth wax balm’) inside its interior. The ultra rare and difficult to fabricate Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed powder is also inserted, which Luang Ta Liang had made after decades of tudong forest wandering to collect all of the necessary ingredients to complete the complex formula for the making of ‘Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed’.

Kata Bucha Takrut

Om Gaama Dtanhaa, Wipawa Dtanhaa Gaama Raaka Dtanhaa Madon Rammaa Bpiyang Ma Ma.

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Nam Man Mae Bper is a metta oil with strong maha sanaeh powers for attraction, released in 2555 BE along with Luang Por Somkuan’s Khun Phaen Mae Bper Prai Kumarn Riak Koo amulets. This metta oil is made from sacred herbal powders and necromantic oils, which were then boiled up together with waxes and 108 kinds of sacred herbs.

Luang Por Somkuan empowered the Nam Man Mae Bper using the traditional wicha Maha Sanaeh Boromakroo, which originates from Surin Province. Not surprisingly, the province of Surin in the Northern Isan, is therefore particularly well known for its powerful Khmer sorcery. Yet the wicha Mae Bper in particular, is regarded by people from Surin Province as being the most powerful and effective wicha for maha sanaeh magic.
Apart from the main empowerment, Luang Por Somkuan also performed extra incantations of the Hua Jai Mae Bper, i.e. the root mantra of the Mae Bper deity. This makes the Nam Man Mae Bper a most powerful oil for maha sanaeh attraction, which can be used equally well by both men and women.

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Nam Man Prai Mae Bper Oil- LP Somkuan

Indeed, the Nam Man Mae Bper can very well be used in combination with the Khun Phaen Mae Bper Prai Kumarn Riak Koo amulet. This strong combination will maximize the powerful effects of maha sanaeh magic. For instance, one can use the metta oil to anoint one’s goods and wares for boosting sales, or anointing certain parts of one’s own or someone else’s body for enhancing attraction, and at the same time the Khun Phaen amulet can be worn to further increase the chances of luck. Furthermore, the Nam Man Mae Bper oil can also be anointed on the Khun Phaen amulet as a way of consecrating it, and strengthening its power.

Kata Nam Man Mae Bper

Na Ngeuk Na Ngong Muoy Ya Yang Ji Ammaneedtaa Phayong Ngeuk A A Silang Wang U.

The kata should be chanted seven times. And as one chants the kata, one should simultaneously pray and ask for any kind of blessings one wishes to receive, or wishes to be fulfilled.

The Look Om Sawat Dtab Dtam Mae Bper Prai Kumarn is made from pong prai kumarn powders and pong wan maha sanaeh herbs mixed with nam man prai and various other types of prai oils.

Luang Por Somkuan’s Look Om Sawat Dtab Dtam Mae Bper Prai Kumarn powder ball is becoming very famous with his looksit since various people have made reports of high success which they ascribe to the magical powers of this amulet. This look om amulet is therefore getting a reputation of being a very powerful sacred powder ball. This amulet is as popular with ladies as it is with men, and can be worn in the waistline area or carried in the purse or cash till too.

The Look Om Sawat Dtab Dtam Mae Bper Prai Kumarn is made from pong prai kumarn powders and pong wan maha sanaeh herbs mixed with nam man prai and various other types of prai oils. The magic formula for making this look om is based on Khmer necromantic sorcery, which uses seven kinds of ingredients, like prai bone powders, ashes from seen funeral pyres, earths from seven cemeteries, earths from seven ports with successful commerce, earths from seven bustling market places, earths from the center of seven great cities, and seven giants termite mounds. This mixture was then ground into powders with sacred herbs and prai oils.

Next, the muan sarn was empowered according to tradition, which requires putting the prai oils inside a couldron which is inscribed with sacred yantra. To maximize the effect of the empowerment these oils and powders were boiled whilst performing incantations until the whole mixture became dry.

During this process, Luang Por Somkuan chanted the kata Sam Sip Song and kata Taat Hnun See through which he performed the invocation and reanimation of the thirty-two parts of the human body and the four elements. The Nibbana Sutta was chanted as well, because its wicha is essential for succesful performance of Khmer necromantic sorcery. After this, the muan sarn was taken out of the couldron and ground up into powders. And then finally the sacred powders were pressed into the Look Sawat balls.

And so, perhaps not surprising, the Look Om Sawat Dtab Dtam Mae Bper Prai Kumarn has a very powerful effect of the maha sanaeh variety. The sacred powder ball is able to enforce a hypnotic effect on the minds of others. This magic power works both on men as well as women, for this amulet is completely unisex, meaning it can be used by hetero-, bi-, and transexuals. However, Luang Por Somkuan’s look om is also useful for gambling, and can even be used as a wishfulfilling amulet, for it has the prai gasip ability to forewarn of lucky windfalls. In this way, then, the mysterious prai gasip powers will let one know when is the right time to lay a bet, or to make a move to approach and attempt to enchant or seduce a person.

Look Om Sacred Powder Ball

Since this amulet uses a wicha of the dark arts, it means that one is not required to keep the five moral precepts, and can thus use the amulet for gambling and to enchant people. However, in order to avoid the undesirable consequences of any unwholesome karmic deed performed with the help and assistance of this kind of amulet, we strongly recommended you to try and keep the five Buddhist precepts at all times.

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This amulet is very much a gamblers favorite, and an all round powerful amulet for those who worship or follow the Lersi path.

Locket Lersi Phu Prot Saming Prai made by lay master Ajarn Prot, who is currently receiving very high favor in Thailand for his effective and powerful amulets. The amulet is made using a most powerful selection of rare prai ghost powders, chin aathan lersi bone powders, takrut and sacred Khmer necromantic sorcery inscriptions.

This amulet is very much a gamblers favorite, and an all round powerful amulet for those who worship or follow the lersi path.

Phu Jao Saming Prai Lersi locket amulet

However, apart from the usual vast range of blessings coming from a lersi amulet, this particular manifestation is extremely inclined towards the maha sanaeh seduction magic that allows easy romantic seduction.

Phu Jao Saming Prai Lersi /></p>  <p style=The muan sarn ingredients of the sacred powder base used to fill the locket, contains a vast array of powerful and very difficult to obtain ingredients, such as wan chang pasom khloeng, wan saw hlong, wan saneh jantr, thao wan hlong, earths and ashes from 32 funeral pyres, and a special Takrut Dor Tong (‘golden flower spell’).

Lersi Locket by Ajarn Prot

Ajarn Prot says that this amulet is meant to be used for flirtations and a consistently active romantic life, and that once you bucha this amulet, then one must go out and flirt with it, for the amulet thrives on this.

Lersi Phu Saming Prot

The amulets were empowered with incantations of the kama raka (‘kama sutra’) variety placed on the skin of a lady with great maha sanaeh charm, as Ajarn Prot bent over her and performed the spell casting.

Kata bucha Lersi

Om Imasaming Pra Bprakone Tap Pra Muneetewaa Hidtaa Dtumhe Bparipunchandtu.
Tudtiyambpi – Imasaming Pra Bprakone Tap Pra Muneetewaa Hidtaa Dtumhe Bparipunchandtu.
Dtadtiyambpi – Imasaming Pra Bprakone Tap Pra Muneetewaa Hidtaa Dtumhe Bparipunchandtu.

List of kata and worship methods for the Lersi

Bucha kroo Isan style – What to offer and chant

Kata Wai Kroo Yant 108


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The locket Taep Bandan Sap represents the deva ('taep') who bestows ('bandan') treasured possessions ('sap'). This angelic deity locket amulet was made and blessed by Kroo Ba Kam Bpeng of Asom Sukhawadee.

The locket Taep Bandan Sap represents the deva (‘taep’) who bestows (‘bandan’) treasured possessions (‘sap’). This angelic deity locket amulet was made and blessed by Kroo Ba Kam Bpeng of Asom Sukhawadee.

There is the image of the deva bestowing treasures on the front face of the locket, whereas the rear face of the locket is stuffed full of sacred herbal muan sarn ingredients. It is filled with a mixture of 108 kinds of magical herbs, and has some bits of hair (kesa) of Kroo Ba Kam Bpeng, as well as a piece of his civara robe.

Also, there is a tiny Naga Prok amulet of the previous edition inserted in the rear face of the locket. Then, below the Naga Prok amulet there is the triple takrut Sam Kasat. This particular type of takrut originates from the Northern Lanna tradition, and is one and the same with the wicha Takrut Pitsamorn. A sacred gem is inserted on both the left as well as the right side of the Naga Prok amulet. And to make this locket yet even more powerful, Kroo Ba Kam Bpeng performed hand inscriptions in sacred Agkhara Khom lettering on the surface of the rear face of the amulet.

It is believed, that the Taep Bandan Sap deity possesses a manifold of magical qualities, such as choke lap, maha lap, and serm duang. This means that the Taep Bandan Sap is able to bestow lucky fortunes and treasures, to increase your prosperity, and is said to even be able to clear bad karma and negative astrological influences in your horoscope. Hence, this profound locket by Kroo Ba Kam Bpeng will help improve your standards of living, and can enhance your professional life, too. Moreover, the strong magical powers of the Taep Bandan Sap will remove any signs of bad luck, thereby clearing the way for a brighter future.

Indeed, the locket can very well be used as ‘sarapat nerk’, a wishmaking amulet. Yet it is also possible to ask for the merits of the treasure bestowing deva. For instance, one could pray for the Taep Bandan Sap to bestow upon you divine blessings and virtues by which you will acquire the ability to charm others with your speech.

Thus, the deva of bestowing treasures will always try to maintain wholesome situations and auspicious environments around you, for this deity has a deep sense of shame and embarrassment to perform any deeds that are akusala dhamma. This means that the Taep Bandan Saep will avoid at all costs dwelling in any kind of place (both physically and mentally) which is of an unwholesome nature.


Om Taep Bandan Sap Nam Kon Sayum Porn Griang Grai Sayop Avijja Phuudt Phii Pisaj Marn Raay Tang Hlaay Dai Kasat Tua Laa Roke Pai Khai Jeb Suun Bpai Duay Suunyang Gaew Hwaen Ngern Tong Mee Kae Paa Hu Kadee Mahaa Laapo Perm Poon Prasit Prasittimae.

Then continue with:

Khor Baramee Taep Bandan Sap Waajaa Saksit Imang Suunyadtaa Itti palang Kluean Yaay Jakrawan Na Metta Mo Karunaa Put Bpranee Ta Yin Dee Ya En Duu – Idtipiso Pakawaa Arahang Chayya Chayya Idtipiso Pakawaa – kam Khor Wai Jao Prakro Tang Gao Sataewaa sadej Wian Rorb Jakrawan Dtawng Prakro Dtua Nork Dtawng Prakro Dtau Nai Dtawng Prakro Dtua Dai Dai Khor Hai Ma Kum Tote Kum Pai Kum Saniad Janrai Khor Hai Khaa Mee Chai Chana Tosa Tosaa Winyaana Sanbpano Idtipiso Pakawaadti Wanee Chay Sri Choke Dee Laapo Na Mo Puttaaya.


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The Mae Ber Maha Pan Yor by Luang Por Somkuan is a small but very powerful statuette. It is a true krueang rang occult amulet, which is made using Khmer wicha.

The Mae Ber Maha Pan Yor by Luang Por Somkuan is a small but very powerful loi ongk statuette. It is a true ‘krueang rang’ (occult) amulet, which is made using traditional Khmer wicha. This particular type of wicha works in a very unique way indeed, for the more you bucha and pray to this wicha, the more it will enhance its magical power.

Luang Por Somkuan learnt this ancient wicha from his kroo ba ajarn. This wicha requires a copper yantra foil (‘tong daeng’) made from smelted ancient artifacts, which should then be inscribed with spell inscriptions in Khom Agkhara; in this case, the yant Maha Sanaeh for attraction power. Many of these yantra foils were made. Some were made with maha lap spells on them, whereas others have maha sanaeh. All of these yantra foils were then collected, after which they were resmelted and made in the form of the Mae Bper amulet. Once the Mae Bper loi ongk statuettes had taken shape, they were bound with magical sinjana cord.

The Mae Bper animist female deity possesses, of course, apart from maha sanaeh, also magical qualities of maha pokasap and mahalap. So, not only is she an important symbol of loving kindness, but she also represents great fertility. This is why the Mae Bper is seen in the birthgiving position whilst she is bleeding, for she is prepared to sacrifice her blood and life for her child. When the child is still in the womb, it feeds off its mother via the umbilical cord. Then, after the child has been born, the mother will be constantly nourishing the child with food, drinks, and warmth. Obviously, the mother always provides its child a continuous source of sustenance. And so, the Mae Bper’s immeasurable act of compassion manifests in strong maha pokasap and metta mahaniyom powers, which bring in great wealth and treasured possessions. Moreover, since the Mae Bper has great maha sanaeh, these immensely strong powers can also be used to entice and enchant the opposite sex. However, the Mae Bper will work just as well for gay people who are seeking an enchanted lover of the same sex.

Hence, the Mae Bper Maha Pan Yor loi ongk statuette of Luang Por Somkuan is a highly effective metta mercy charm with powerful maha sanaeh attraction and kama sutra powers. Due its the strong magical aspects of siang choke, the Mae Bper necromantic sorcery amulet also works very well to increase one’s luck in gambling.

One should pray to the Mae Bper using the same method of worship for most nang prai deva spirits.

Kata and bucha method for Mae Nang Prai

Kata for metta and maha sanaeh (love, attraction and preferential treatment)

Kata Nang Prai Mae Bper Maha Pan Yor

Su na maa dta wi ya bpo lo wi la ga jae la ga.


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Yoni Mae Gamnerd Ongk Kroo - (Erotic Transformation of Kali) Vulva Magic Love Charm - Pong Prai 59 Dton + Pong Saneh Ya Faed + Chin Aathan - Ajarn Akaradech

The Yoni Maha Gamnerd amulet is made from 59 maha phuudt ghost powders mixed with pong saneh ya faed; one of Khmer necromantic sorcery’s most powerful maha sanaeh powders.

The Yoni Mae Gamnerd is a very powerful aphrodisiac and attraction charm with ultra high maha sanaeh magic, made using a thousand year old formula found in the grimoire of spells, which uses ancient sacred prai powders from the Khmer Kingdom. These include Pong Saw Sam Moo Ban Kin Nam Bor Diawgan, a sacred maha sanaeh powder whose name means ‘ladies of three villages drinking water from the same well’, and implies the ability to possess many lovers at the same time; Pong Maha Phuudt Pan Dton (powders of a thousand hoeng prai ghosts); Pong Nang Prai Dtaay Tang Glom (bone powders, prai oils and funeral ashes of a kumarn and its mother); powders of a prai ghost died on a Saturday and cremated on a Tuesday; Pong Prai Kumarn; Pong Look Krok; and prai powders of a two headed Look Krok.

Yoni Maha Gamnerd sacred powder female vulva amulet for love and attraction, romantic seduction

Then, various other kinds of sacred ingredients were also added to the muan sarn mixture, including earths from seven cemeteries, earths from the mouth of a grave of a phii dtaay tang glom, ashes from the cremated bones of 59 hoeng prai ghosts, pong dek jom nam dtaay (ashes from a cremation of a corpse that drowned to death), and nam man chang pasom khloeng (mating elephant oil). There were also many prai herbal ingredients added to the mixture of sacred ingredients, such as wan taep ramjuan, wan kruea khao hlong, and wan dork tong. Holy woods such as mai ga fak rak, mai ga hlong, mai mayom, ton rak sorn, dork heun haay phii, and wan salika lin tong were also added to the muan sarn used for making this amulet.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Hand inscription of ancient Khmer Agkhara spells have been performed upon the front face of the yoni around the vulva image.

ThYoni Vulva animist love charm amulet Khmer necromantic magic

The yoni is a dark arts occult charm that does not require wearing the amulet above the waist, and can thus be worn close to the private parts, for increased effectiveness. It is, despite common belief, not only for ladies to use, but can also be used by men just as well. The yoni uses the most ancient and primitive method of attraction and enchantment – that of mother nature – by working on the libido, and also emanating the aura of ‘being in heat’; a spell which is strengthened by the nam man chang pasom khloeng (‘mating elephants in heat’) oil.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

You can ask for most wishes to attract and convince your intended lover, and should not find yourself doing without for any long periods of time with the yoni. The yoni is, of course, also the female symbolic counterpart of the male phallic lingam, which represent Shiva (lingam) and Kali/Parvati (yoni), The yoni as an animist occult charm, however, has existed outside of Hinduism and Buddhism too, as a magical charm of purely animist nature. This amulet can thus be used and prayed to in different ways depending on which meanings you wish to attribute to the amulet, or according to what your spirit tells you fits with your own sense of faith and inspiration. For it is your own faith and inspiration which shall play a large part in the power of the yoni being able to assist in making the aura you (and all of us) emanate, to have the right auric blend of color, mood and mix of callidity and coolness to both sooth and excite in the correct proportions, in order to succeed in inciting lust and attraction, but also to instill faith and confidence in your genuine and non-absusive intentions towards the person being charmed. Hence, this will increase the willingness of the subject and preparedness to take the leap and risk opening the tender hear we all have inside, but which most of us have to hide away protected, for fear of the loss of heart which comes when one has been deceived in love and mutual trust, which is the foundation in a true loving relationship.

The ong kroo masterpiece version of the Yoni Maha Gamnerd amulet has two takrut: one Takrut Uma Plaeng (‘Kali Transforming’) for immensely powerful kama sutra passion arousal and intoxicating your lover with desire, and one Takrut mad Jidt Manus (‘Human Mind Binder Spell’) to enchant your intended target and leave them completely ‘spellbound’. One piece of chin aathan is also inserted for the empowerment of the amulet to reach the ultra rapidly effective and successful magic. This kind of magic is exclusively attributed to the hardcore Khmer necromantic sorcery spells that use the prai hian, hoeng prai, kumarn tong, and maha phuudt types of invocations, to summon psychically highly powered spirits from the limbo realms. The spirits are then conversed with, and offered the sealing of spiritual pacts.

These pacts are made to the spirits to offer a mutually beneficial deal for the prai ghosts to enter the amulets. In this way, they can help humans with their immensely powerful psychic powers by reducing their toils and troubles, debts and poverty, Thus, they can hereby also gain merit to escape the limbo, and eventually be able to move on to the next life, or celestial realm, to continue their spiritual journey towards liberation.

Kata bucha Yoni Maha Gamnerd

Om Yoni Yona Leungka Idti Ileungka Yo Na Yee I Dti Bpi I-I.

Chant 12 times.

โอม โยนี โยนะ ลึงคะ อิติ อิลึงคะ โยนะยี อิติปี อิอิ

สวด 12หน


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