The Kumarn Tong Kote Hian Maha Heng was made and consecrated exactly according the rituals in the dtamra of Kroo Ba Chay Chana'€™s lineage.

The Kumarn Tong Kote Hian Maha Heng was made and consecrated exactly according the rituals in the dtamra of Kroo Ba Chay Chana’€™s lineage.

The muan sarn used for making this kumarn tong include pong look krok, pong gradug tae 7 takorn (powdered bones and ashes), pong maha put maha prai (‘€˜bhuta’€™ spirit powder), pong bpatamang maha gamnerd, pong wan kumarn tong (powdered herbs), pong hua jai kumarn tong, pong dtabai chanoong aathan (metal vilings of sacred muan sarn of the metallic kumarn tong amulets of the previous edition), prai ghost bone powders of 7 cemeteries, earth of 7 giant termite mounts, ashes from 7 funeral pires, 7 farm fields, 7 gardens, earths from 7 temples and broken pieces of temple buildings (klai) ground up into powder, earths of 7 sacred caves (considered to be sacred earth since caves are the dwelling place of the ruesi, deva and local ruling spirit).
Before the ritual of incantations of the muan sarn was performed, there were offerings made to call upon the local devas and ruling spirits. This was done to ask their permission and blessing to perform the ritual ceremony according to ancient tradition. After the invocation, the spirits were subdued and made to agree to join the ritual. Then followed magic empowerments of invocation of the four elements (earth, air, water, fire) to invite the spirits of the kumarn tong to reside within the effigies. After this, another series of katas were chanted, such as the ‘€˜Kata Agarn 32’€™ (32 parts of the body) and the 5 khandas; these incantations were performed 32 times forward and backwards until each one of the effigies were inhabited by a kumarn tong. 

After the ritual ceremony, the sacred powders were mixed with powdered clam shells (pluek koi), which was then molded into the kumarn tong images. These Kumarn Tong Kote Hian Maha Heng are shaped in the style of Kumarn Dood Rok (‘€˜kumarn tong embryo feeding on its umbilical cord’€™), which represents a constant supply of sustenance. The magical effects of this type of kumarn tong are very useful for gambling, doing business, and increasing one’s luck and fortunes.
Therefore the person who worships this kumarn tong will have continuously rising prosperity, increased happiness, evasion of danger, and his or her household will be well protected.

The funds of this edition will be used for building a crematorium (meru) for the local people so that they can have their funerals at the Samnak Songk Putta Ariya Rangsi of Kroo Ba Chay Chana.


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