Nam Man Mae Bper is a metta oil with strong maha sanaeh powers for attraction, released in 2555 BE along with Luang Por Somkuan’s Khun Phaen Mae Bper Prai Kumarn Riak Koo amulets. This metta oil is made from sacred herbal powders and necromantic oils, which were then boiled up together with waxes and 108 kinds of sacred herbs.

Luang Por Somkuan empowered the Nam Man Mae Bper using the traditional wicha Maha Sanaeh Boromakroo, which originates from Surin Province. Not surprisingly, the province of Surin in the Northern Isan, is therefore particularly well known for its powerful Khmer sorcery. Yet the wicha Mae Bper in particular, is regarded by people from Surin Province as being the most powerful and effective wicha for maha sanaeh magic.
Apart from the main empowerment, Luang Por Somkuan also performed extra incantations of the Hua Jai Mae Bper, i.e. the root mantra of the Mae Bper deity. This makes the Nam Man Mae Bper a most powerful oil for maha sanaeh attraction, which can be used equally well by both men and women.

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Indeed, the Nam Man Mae Bper can very well be used in combination with the Khun Phaen Mae Bper Prai Kumarn Riak Koo amulet. This strong combination will maximize the powerful effects of maha sanaeh magic. For instance, one can use the metta oil to anoint one’s goods and wares for boosting sales, or anointing certain parts of one’s own or someone else’s body for enhancing attraction, and at the same time the Khun Phaen amulet can be worn to further increase the chances of luck. Furthermore, the Nam Man Mae Bper oil can also be anointed on the Khun Phaen amulet as a way of consecrating it, and strengthening its power.

Kata Nam Man Mae Bper

Na Ngeuk Na Ngong Muoy Ya Yang Ji Ammaneedtaa Phayong Ngeuk A A Silang Wang U.

The kata should be chanted seven times. And as one chants the kata, one should simultaneously pray and ask for any kind of blessings one wishes to receive, or wishes to be fulfilled.