Palad Khik Animist Siva amulet, for libido protection and lucky charm – it is made from sacred wood, carved from a holy tree. The master has performed sacred inscriptions of ancient Khmer Sanskrit spells upon the outer surface of this animist talisman

Pra Ajarn Supasit is one of Thailand’s most famous amulet makers, because of the extremely high quality and highly powered rare Muan Sarn Sacred Powders and other sacred ingredients you uses in his amulets. In addition to this, the very diligent and long winded methods he uses, and the great effort  he applies to the empowerment of amulets

The rarity and small numbers in which they are made, and their high-powered ingredients of great rarity. And immense magical value, are all counting towards what makes his amulets one of the most collected and rarest of the present-day era.

Palad Khik Pra Ajarn Supasit Wat Bang Nam ChonThe Talisman is hand carved from Sacred Mai Ga Fak Rak, A holy tree that is very difficult to find, and extremely difficult to cultivate outside of the deepest forest areas. There’s one single flower which is white extended and very beautiful. It is supposed to bring love to hear who Is the sacred word and the tree itself, is believed to be inhabited by nature spirit with very powerful magic.

 Palad Khik

Most palad khik have a kring bead and sometimes a ploi sek, and some have hand inscriptions of magic spells upon the surface. But mostly in most cases, the magic spells will be limited to 2 or three versions of the invocation of the four elements, one invocation for extreme attractions and sometimes some invocations to the god Shiva. These talismans however have received many inscriptions of unknown secret spells which only Pra Ajarn Supasit, and his Master lineage knows, through mouth to ear transmission.

Palad Khik Mai Ga Fak Rak

Even the cords, which are wrapped, and bound to the talismans, are empowered with their own special magic spell, to bind the hearts of others, and induce mercy and fascination. A magic bead is attached to the  colored cords, for enchantment.

Pra Ajarn Supasit

Pra Ajarn Supasit’s amulets are amongst the most collectable amulets of all masters of the modern era, due to the extreme rarity and small numbers and high quality of individually handmade Amulets which come from his adept hand. he prefers not to mass produce amulets and to focus on high-quality individually and Palad Amulets in small numbers which contain only the purest and most sacred ingredients in their making.  Every one of his amulets is is a certainty to become a rarity and highly prized and valued possession,   Because of his faithful adherence to authentic true amulets making methods and to apply the finest artisanry to their making.

Palad khik

There are various incantations which can be used for praying to the Palad Khik Lingam

The below incantation is for Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Laluay (seduction of ladies) purposes, from Ajarn Waes (Ruesi Waet) master necromancer of Surin.

Om Laluay Mahaa Laluay Samsip Sorng Hee Hae Hom Lorm Dtorm Kuay Khor Hai Guu Ram Ruay Pro Hua Kuay An Nii Da Daa Di Dii Duu Dii Hee Maa Kuay Maa Burut Maa Dii Sadtrii Mii Maa Swaa Home

General Heart Mantra for empowerment of Bucha Palad Khik

Ganha Naeha Na Ma Pa Ta

Ja Pa Ga Sa Na Mo Put Taa Ya Gan Ha Nae Ha Na Ma Pa Ta

Om Siwaling Sabbha Metta Sabbha Pokaa Sabbha Laapo Sabbha Tanaa, Sabbha Yasa, Sabbha Pranee Sabbha Mangalaani Bhavantume.

Chant any of the Kata Once, 3 times, or 9 times.

Pra Ajarn Supasit of Wat Bang Nam Chon giving Master Day Wai Kroo blesings.

This Palad Khik amulet of Luang Por Jidt is an animist charm with maha sanaeh magic effects.

This Palad Khik amulet of Luang Por Jidt is an animist charm with maha sanaeh magic effects. The Palad Khik Hua Chamot has a hand carved civet head, and has gemstones as its eyes. Luang Por Jidt also did a hand made spell inscription on the surface of the amulet.

The civet head magic charm is hand carved from holy mai koon wood. After the process of hand carving the wooden palad khik amulet was completed, Luang Por Jidt then performed the necessary rites to empower the amulets with the magic powers to multiply wealth and possessions, and to attract the opposite sex with its civet aphrodisiac magic.

Luang Por Jidt’s Palad Khik Hua Chamot is thus a perfect solution to those seeking the Palad Khik Hua Chamot of Luang Phor Pina, but who can either not find an authentic one, or simply can not afford one.

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