The Mae Ber Maha Pan Yor by Luang Por Somkuan is a small but very powerful statuette. It is a true krueang rang occult amulet, which is made using Khmer wicha.

The Mae Ber Maha Pan Yor by Luang Por Somkuan is a small but very powerful loi ongk statuette. It is a true ‘krueang rang’ (occult) amulet, which is made using traditional Khmer wicha. This particular type of wicha works in a very unique way indeed, for the more you bucha and pray to this wicha, the more it will enhance its magical power.

Luang Por Somkuan learnt this ancient wicha from his kroo ba ajarn. This wicha requires a copper yantra foil (‘tong daeng’) made from smelted ancient artifacts, which should then be inscribed with spell inscriptions in Khom Agkhara; in this case, the yant Maha Sanaeh for attraction power. Many of these yantra foils were made. Some were made with maha lap spells on them, whereas others have maha sanaeh. All of these yantra foils were then collected, after which they were resmelted and made in the form of the Mae Bper amulet. Once the Mae Bper loi ongk statuettes had taken shape, they were bound with magical sinjana cord.

The Mae Bper animist female deity possesses, of course, apart from maha sanaeh, also magical qualities of maha pokasap and mahalap. So, not only is she an important symbol of loving kindness, but she also represents great fertility. This is why the Mae Bper is seen in the birthgiving position whilst she is bleeding, for she is prepared to sacrifice her blood and life for her child. When the child is still in the womb, it feeds off its mother via the umbilical cord. Then, after the child has been born, the mother will be constantly nourishing the child with food, drinks, and warmth. Obviously, the mother always provides its child a continuous source of sustenance. And so, the Mae Bper’s immeasurable act of compassion manifests in strong maha pokasap and metta mahaniyom powers, which bring in great wealth and treasured possessions. Moreover, since the Mae Bper has great maha sanaeh, these immensely strong powers can also be used to entice and enchant the opposite sex. However, the Mae Bper will work just as well for gay people who are seeking an enchanted lover of the same sex.

Hence, the Mae Bper Maha Pan Yor loi ongk statuette of Luang Por Somkuan is a highly effective metta mercy charm with powerful maha sanaeh attraction and kama sutra powers. Due its the strong magical aspects of siang choke, the Mae Bper necromantic sorcery amulet also works very well to increase one’s luck in gambling.

One should pray to the Mae Bper using the same method of worship for most nang prai deva spirits.

Kata and bucha method for Mae Nang Prai

Kata for metta and maha sanaeh (love, attraction and preferential treatment)

Kata Nang Prai Mae Bper Maha Pan Yor

Su na maa dta wi ya bpo lo wi la ga jae la ga.


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