Kuman Tong Yord Paetch Amulet by Luang Por Ta Analayo of Wat Pha Kong Kam Chee

The Kuman Tong Yord Paetch amulet made by Luang Por Ta Analayo represents a golden boy holding a diamond in his hands. Approximately three years prior to the making of these amulets, Luang Por Ta had a dream about a young boy who came to him and asked to stay with him. In this dream, the young boy was sat naked with no clothes, and said his name was Yord Paetch. The young boy wanted to stay with Luang Por Ta to help make merits together. Hence, Luang Por Ta decided to make the kuman tong amulets according to the image of the spirit of the young boy which he had seen in his dream.

Kuman Tong Yord Paetch

The Kuman Tong Yord Paetch is made from muan sarn aathan sorcerous earths and powders, including 7 cemetery earths, 7 swamps earths, earths from 7 busy ports, 7 giant termite mounds, powdered forehead bone of a nang prai spirit, ashes of burnt bones from 7 funeral pyres, brokenhearted lady powder, special powders for reanimation of the spirit, and kuman tong herbs. Next, the sacred earths and powders were mixed with see pheung salika long rang (metta balm of the sariga bird getting in the wrong nest’) and nam man sanaeh nang krung (metta oil of the ‘lady wrapped around the phallic’). All these sacred ingredients were then mixed together. From this mixture shapes of the Kuman Tong Yord Paetch were pressed as amulets, and then empowered with incantations for a period of three years.

Kuman Tong Yord Paetch amulet by Luang Por Ta

Most of the time, Luang Por Ta would perform the empowerments during the night time in the cemetery. He would then take a piece of red cloth (‘pha daeng’) and place it on the floor and put the kuman tong amulets on the cloth, all touching each other face to face, which is a part of rap sap magic for receiving treasures. Every Buddhist holy day Luang Por Ta went to the cemetery to perform empowerments from about 9 o’ clock in the evening until midnight. Also, he performed the rituals to invite the devas of the highest celestial realms to come and join the consecration ritual of the Kuman Tong Yord Paetch amulets, and thereby transmit deva minds into each amulet with their own individual spirit inhabiting. Luang Por Ta Analayo used the kata agarn sam sip song and hnun taat see for invocation of the thirty-two parts of the human body, and reanimation of the four elements. The amulets are blessed chanting the kata back- and forwards.

Kuman Tong Yord Paetch - Luang Por Ta Analayo

Hence, the Kuman Tong Yord Paetch are empowered to keep enemies away and to protect against evil spirits. Also, the kuman tong are powerful amulets to attract maha lap great lucky and wealthy fortunes. Thus, the Kuman Tong Yord Paetch are very useful for those who are in sales or market places, to increase the commerce and success in business. This is why the kuman tong is very popular with shopkeepers and other kinds of traders.

Rear face of Kuman Tong Yord Paetch

A remarkable fact about this amulet, which often has been noticed by many devotees, is that when one thinks of something one would like to have, then within a very short time one gets it without even asking for it. And so, the rate of coincidence with these events has caused this amulet to gain fame for its wishfulfilling power.

Front face of the Kuman Tong Yord Paetch

Kata Bucha Kuman Tong Yord Paetch

First recite the Maha namaskara (‘Namo Tassa…’) three times, then chant:

Ehi kumarang kumariinang ati uni na ang piti putto.

Kuman Tong Yord Paetch made and blessed by Luang Por Ta

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