Pra Pid Ta - a Classic Thai Buddhist Amulet

Classic Thai Buddhist Amulets – Volume 8

An introduction to the massive pantheon of Thai Buddhist Amulets in existence, and documentation of them, to create a visual ‘library of Alexandria’ for posterity and study in the Thai Amulet Scene

Roop Lor Pra Put Nuea Chin Takua Wat Pratat Panom

Proudly presenting the eighth official Thai Amulet School series of Classic Thai Buddhist Amulets, revealing many unknown and lesser seen amulets in clear detail for students to examine, and learn about the massive pantheons of Thai amulets which have been made by the many thousands of great Buddhist Masters and Sorcerers over the ages. This series attempts to reveal amulets which any of you readers/studentys of amulets may have in your possession, and do not know what they are, as well as to expand people’s knowledge of new masters, and new amulets they never encountered. All in all highly educative video presentation on the infinitude of Classic Buddhist Amulets of Thailand.

We hope you find this episode informative and entertaining, and that it increases your knowledge and appreciation of the magical world of Thai Buddhist Amulets, and the Masters who made and Blessed them. Thai amulets play a major role in Thai History. They always have, and we believe, always will do.

Presenting a video slideshow of rare and sacred Thai Buddhist Amulets of great repute, but lesser known of by foreigners, which hopes to both expand your knowledge of Thai Buddhist Amulets and their Makers, as well as hopefully help nmany of you who may possess one of the amulets presented,  not knowing what it is, or where it came from, and be able to finally find out what your amulet is. Please enjoy the many Sacred Buddhist Amulets presented in this educative ‘Amulet School‘ video, with Narrative from Ajarn Spencer Littlewood.

Knowing Thai Buddhist Amulets Part 7

The amulets featured in this video are upcoming items to be found on Ancient Amulet and Thailand Amulet stores

This extremely precious and beautiful enchanted Sea Pearl, is empowered by the great Pra Ajarn Supasit, of Wat Bang Nam Chon temple. It is not only are highly empowered Maha Pokasap, and Metta Mahaniyom Maha Lap amulet, it is also a pearl of wisdom with the power of ‘Panya Wai’ (fast intellect).

Pra Ajarn Supasit has produced these extremely pristine, & beautifully designed, exquisitely finely crafted amulets. He has particularly intended them to be an attractive option for ladies who wish to wear amulets but are very orientated towards fashion and two delicate artisanry. 

Apart from being a powerful amulet this is evidently and visually obviously, a piece of fine precious jewellery in addition to its magical power.

In chanted pearl of wisdom and well by Pra Ajarn Supasit Wat Bang Nam Chon

These are some of the most finely crafted amulets we have seen that are indistinguishable from some of the finest jewellery from the worlds finest fashion designers. This does not mean however, that there is no power in them, or, that they are not amulets. 

These specially empowered precious natural sources of magic, are full of Maha Lap and Maha Pokasap power, as is the case with ‘Ploi Sek’ empowered gemstones, for the same reasons. 

Coming from the sea, or the ocean, better said, the enchanted pearls, have a very powerful, but subtle manner of enchantment, meant like the lulling sound of the waves of a being of the tide which slowly lapse away at your destined friends and lovers. are so well disguised, that they pass as a piece of beautiful jewellery and are therefore a very attractive and advisable option for ladies who wish to wear and use sacred Thai Buddhist amulets to improve their lives with Buddha Magic.

I did pearl of wealth and wisdom by Master Monk Pra Ajarn Supasit

Pra Ajarn Supasit, of Wat Bang Nam Chon, is one of Thailand’s most popular high-end amulet makers for his very small number of additions and high-quality amulets. 

This is not the only factor which is made is amulets so collected and so rare. The high-quality dictates the elevated price of his extremely fine quality amulets, which use high class ingredients, and precious items, which can have the power to bring wealth wisdom and even seduction. 

Below; A most beautiful and exquisite piece of jewelry, hides a very powerful Maha Pokasap  amulet, concealed beneath its beautiful surface

Are most beautiful and exquisite piece of jewellery hides a very powerful amulet concealed beneath its beautiful surface

A high-quality precious polished pearl of this type, of high purity and beauty, with a very finely handcrafted solid silver brace, is a class A amulet. This is the kind of luxury amulet of a price that it is of course higher than average amulets, and is self explanatory. 

Those factors are in addition to his reputedly adept powers and purity of practice, which empowers his incantations, with the support of the Devas, the angelic intelligences, and the Buddhas themselves.

 Pearl of wisdom

 Below; the great master, Pra Ajarn Supasit, of Wat Bang Nam Chon.Pra Ajarn Supasit Wat Bang Nam Chon

Apart from being an awesome pearl, this amulet has sacred ingredients hidden within it such as ‘Pong Bpatamang Lokee, and, a special Takrut spell inscribed upon a silver Yantra foil. Pra Ajarn Supasit likes to call the Pearl ‘Dork Jampa Pin’, which means a certain kind of flower,as a badge. The Dork Jampi, is a flower which is often used in offerings to the Buddha. 

Magnolia flowerIt is considered to be a very powerful Maha Sanaeh magical charm, because of its special herbal and pheromonic properties as well as certain invisible magical qualities which are believed to be attributed to this flower. There is a particular form of adept sorcery, called ‘Wicha Dork Jampi’, which uses the form, and image of this flower to make an amulet. This ocean pearl, possesses precisely the same shape as the dork Jampi flower, and has been empowered with invocations and incantations of this particular Wicha.

Kata Bucha

Putta Jidtang, Tamma Jidtang, Sangka Jidtang

Sinaehaa Sinaehaa, Rak Kaapa Jao Bpiyang Mama

Now arriving in our sister-store at Thailand – – See Pheung Muang – Purple Enchantment potion with Hnoo Dood Nom Maew sacred powder amulet (mouse drinking milk from the cats teat), for Metta Mahaniyom & Maha Sanaeh Maha Pokasap blessings, by  Luang Phu Ta Analayo, of Wat Pha Tosapon Mangalaram.

From the miraculous dark arts of Luang Phu Ta Analayo, comes a most excellent Maha Sanaeh and Metta Mahaniyom charm of the ‘Hnoo Dood Nom Maew’ Mouse suckling milk from a cat. The ‘Hnoo Dood Nom Maew’ was created in a very limited number of pieces, the ‘See Peung’ edition in a very specific and auspicious number of only 999 and as such is a quite rare and very sought after amulet by a very well respected elder in the Buddha Dhamma and Thai/Khmer Occultism.

Mouse drinking cats milk amulet in purple See Pheung

Mouse drinking cats milk amulet in purple See Pheung

The ‘Muan Sarn’ sacred admixture for this amulet is concentrated from sacred herbs, powders and substances that have been meticulously collected for the purpose of generating a most powerful gift of ‘Metta’ Loving Kindness and compassion, ‘Kaa Kaai’ success in business as well as ‘Perm Sap’ call to riches. This amulet aids by means of a supernatural field of charming and fascination for both men and women. The possessor of the ‘Hnoo Dood Nom Maew’ (because of the extreme Metta Maha Niyom quality) will feel the effects of a shift to a tranquil heart and a serene sense of mind both outward and receiveing, evading any and all confrontation, even those that would of beforehand been seemingly a normal occurance i.e. “cat and mouse”.

Mouse drinking cats milk amulet in purple See Pheung

See Pheung Hnoo Dood Nom Maew

The Metta quality of the ‘Hnoo Dood Nom Maew’ gives to those that possess it a clarity of mind and heart that supresses arrogance, conceit and absent mindedness. Regardless of whether a person is not attractive, this amulet when carried gives that person a certain charm causing others to become unaware of mere physicality and instead draws attention to an innate serenity that is apparent in a heart full of compassion that seeks the same. 

For any person who has trouble with retaining one’s desires the ‘Hnoo Dood Nom Maew’ helps to control the heart and mind which also helps how one appears in the eyes of another. For those who are seemingly uninterested or harbor any ill feelings toward the owner of this amulet will turn over a new leaf once again returning to friendship. Any bad effects of temptation, envy or general bad luck will shift to be constructive.

Hnoo Dood nom maew

Purple See Pheung potion with Muan Sarn Sacred Powder Hnoo Dood Nom Maew Immersed

There are various ways to use this amulets including to use the potion itself for smearing on objects and persons including yourself. if you use this method then at some point the potion will be all used up, and the amulet will remain left over. The Amulet can then still remain as an item of worship, to ask for blessings and wish granting, and kept on a small Altar. Alternatively, as would be logical,the amulet after being so long immersed, and empowered within the potion, can then be encased, and worn around the neck as a pendant.

The Wicha of the ‘Hnoo Dood Nom Maew’ Mouse Suckling Milk from a Cat is an ancient formula ‘Wicha Boran’ used to keep primal passions from erupting into a chaotic mess yet allows the pairing of sworn enemies, redirecting a negative energy to a usable passion. It is expected that a mouse upon meeting a cat would be killed but the fact that it does not is a true testament to the real power of this Wicha. Luang Phu Ta Analayo watched over a nursing cat, to see how it behaved with a local temple mouse, periodically playing with the mouse in the day and never harboring any animosity towards it. At night the cat would nurse the mouse like one of it’s own kittens in a show of extreme abnormal compassion and mercy.

Metta Mahaniyom potion, combined with the sacred powder amulet, forms a double magic spell, in one container

Metta Mahaniyom potion, combined with the sacred powder amulet, forms a double magic spell, in one container

 To utilize this magical compassionate formula ones who wears the amulet or carries it in their pocket can expect to be loved, embraced, played and flirted with like a cat affectionately bating its toy. One will be cared for by their desired as if they are being raised and nurtured by the love of a mother cat and her young, giving of them self to support the enchantment of their union. Those who live a life of risking fate such as gamblers, police, military and the like can utilize the ‘Hnoo Dood Nom Maew”s Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh properties to win the favor of their opposites. Gamblers and those who speculate stocks, lotteries and horse races can gain an upperhand in knowing proper paths of play, knowing when and how much to bet.

Luang Phu Ta Analayo

Luang Phu Ta Analayo

 To use, one merely needs to tap gently on the amulet 3 times to awaken it, notifying it of your intentions and need for its help. One should donate merits earned to the ‘Hnoo Dood Nom Maew’, to increase its powers. The ‘Muan Sarn’ consists of a very difficulty obtained admixture, some of which include the primary powdered remains of 9 black cats, ‘Nam Dtaa Bplaa Payoon’, herbs of ‘Saao Long’, ‘Dork Tong’ ‘Mai Rak’ powders of protection, ‘Mai Kanun’ and ‘Mae Ok Dtaek’.

These were all blended together in a mixture with ‘Nam Montr’ holy water, and reduced by boiling over a ‘Fai Kieow’ auspicious green flame until it reached a consistency and was charged by incantations the point it could be pressed into a mold and further charged in it’s new form inside earthen jars.

Different versions available

Hnoo Dood Nom Maew Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version

Hnoo Dood Nom Maew Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version

These amulets were made in a few different versions, both in dry powder, or in pots of See Pheung Balm,  and also as special collection of Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Versions were released, which were immersed in Sacred Nam Man Prai.

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