Luang Phu Khaw Haeng

A most Inimitable Amulet from Luang Phu Khaw Haeng, the Duang Ta Pra Arahant Song Sap Buddha Eye Gazing at Treasures – Pim Nam Reuks (First press) Badtiharn Yim Rap Sap edition amulet 2559 BE – Buddha Eye in Pyramid Stupa. This model in below image is the Ongk Kroo Pim B Top of Range […]

Luang Phu Khaw Haeng Badtiharn Yim Rap Sap Edition Poster

With these immensely Beautiful and Magical Masterclass amulets we are delighted to present one of the most highly awaited editions of the last years, from Luang Phu Khaw Haeng, the ‘Run Badtiharn Yim Rap Sap’ Masterpiece Series. The edition received two powerful blessing ceremonies on the 18th September 2559 BE, and the 10th of December […]

Some new arrivals are coming in to store this month, four of which are already added and a lot more to come. So we thought we would bring you a preview on the blog news section to whet your appetites with what’s still to come, as we step up the growth of Buddhist Amulet store […]

Presenting a very Uncommon Bucha Item to find in the present day, The Look Om Rahu OIm Jant Dtem Duang Plik Duang Chadta Gae Duang Chong Dtam Bad Bpao Aathan Chua Raay, Asura Deva Eclips God Powder Ball, from Luang Phu Waen Gaay. The Look Om Pra Rahu Bucha Size powder Ball is extremely rare […]

Nam Man Prai Taep Ranjuan

Nam Man Taep Ranjuan Sacred is a potent red Prai Oil, and a powerful Enchantment and Wealth Attraction Potion, from Luang Ta Ruam, the Great Sorceror Monk of Wat Koke Samran, in Petchaboon. The Nam Man Taep Ranjuan is a Prai Oil Potion with Invocations of the Celestial Realms of the Fairy and Sylph Realms […]

Naen Air Jom Khamang Waet

Just Arrived in Store at Buddhist Amulet! Pra Ngang Maha Sanaeh Liam Nam Man Prai Aaathan – Necromantic Effigy in Prai Oil Potion for Nocturnal Pleasures and Gamblers – Ajarn Naen Air (Jom Khamang Waet) Pra Ngang is the commonly known name for an amulet which has carried mystery and left people with unanswered questions […]

In Koo Prai deva sacred wood

Sacred Northern Thai Lanna Animist Sorcery, hand carved In Koo Deva Of Love made from carved ivory amd immersed in sacred Nam Man Prai oils, in waterproof casing. Extreme limited edition amulets from Master Guru Monk Pra Ajarn Supasit of Wat Bang Nam Chon.

Enjoy the slideshow all the latest Animist gecko charms (Paya Jing Jok Sorng Hang Maha Sanaeh), as a short slideshow which if they interest you can be accessed in the store, by following the link at the bottom of this article.